AIL Tennessee

Bobby Hamilton

AIL Regional General Agent - Nashville East

About Bobby Hamilton

Bobby Hamilton was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.

He started his journey with American Income Life-Altig in 2004 after graduating from Middle Tennessee University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and double minor in Finance and Economics.

In his first 60 days with the AIL-Altig, he earned his position to Supervising Agent. Hungry for growth, he received his appointment to Master General Agent four months later. Two years later in June of 2006, Bobby received his appointment to Regional General Agent, setting the record for the youngest RGA in all of AIL history.

In February of 2012, he became the first Director of Field Operations. Through the implementation of this project, Bobby created a model to fuel excitement around the improved referral process. For over two years, Bobby traveled new territories to teach new professionals how to be successful in the field.

Bobby says he is driven by the continuous love and support he gets from the AIL-Altig family and those around it. He is looking forward to new growth in his organization by moving people in his organization to North Carolina and Knoxville, and reaching Vice President of Sales.

Bobby and his wife Katie are expecting a baby boy this July. He is a lifelong basketball player and coach to the youth in his community, continually passing on his wealth of knowledge.

Trevor Mayer

AIL Regional General Agent - Nashville North

About Trevor Mayer

Trevor Mayer is from the Seattle area, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Western Washington University. Becoming fascinated by the concept of residual income, he looked for a career path where he could make this dream a reality. His career path started with a sales internship at Southwestern, where he mastered door to door sales. Mayer then became a financial advisor at Family Heritage, where he was personally recruited to join American Income Life-Altig.

Mayer started off in the Redmond office in 2010, pursuing his interest in field work development and his drive to grow his agency. His dedication to his team prompted his invitation to the Altig ABC conference. Mayer’s mentorship brought him to Utah, where his success in hiring led to Minneapolis in 2013 to expand territories within his MGAship. In 2013, his leadership in both Utah and Minneapolis prompted his BOD guest appointment and recognition as MGA of the year.

Now an RGA in Memphis that leads by example, Mayer strives to help others before he helps himself. Mayer enjoys building strong relationships by motivating his team through training and mentorship. Being part of AIL-Altig has shown him if you enjoy your career, you never work a day in your life. Mayer has a long-term girlfriend, Ashley Ruhl who has been with him from the start of his career. Despite his travel, Mayer remains loyal to the Seahawks and Sonics, believing we will get the Sonics back one day.

Mia Mitchell

AIL Regional General Agent - Knoxville

About Mia Mitchell

Mia Mitchell was born and raised in Memphis. She attended college close to home at the University of Tennessee, earning a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After graduating in 2013, Mia's go-getter attitude brought her to the real estate industry where she explored the fast-paced culture.

Looking for a career change, Mia found American Income Life(AIL)-Altig in that same year. After joining, she produced increasing results every quarter which led to her appointment to Master General Agent (MGA) in early October

In 2014, her first year as a MGA, Mia led Knoxville to the #3 office in first 6 months’ production by training everyone in her organization to become experts in the business. Based on those results, she was invited to the exclusive AIL-Altig leadership conference later that year. Most recently, in March 2016, she was promoted to Regional General Agent.

Mia loves the life she has created at AIL-Altig, because of the people in her organization that come together every day to learn and grow. “When it comes to building a career, culture is everything”.

Moving forward, Mia and her team plan to raise the bar and be the #1 office in first 6 months’ production. She is looking forward to building three new offices in the near future and striving for a seat on the Board of Directors in 2016.

In her free time, Mia enjoys hiking, traveling, and of course, following University of Tennessee’s football games!

Ryan McIntosh

AIL Regional General Agent - Chattanooga

About Ryan McIntosh

Stephanie Lovins

AIL Regional General Agent - Memphis

About Stephanie Lovins

Mother of two, Stephanie Lovins has always felt drawn to help others. Lovins was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She attended the University of Memphis where she earned her master’s degree in Forensic Social Work. A helper by nature, many of Lovins' jobs before American Income Life-Altig (AIL-Altig) helped equip her for a future of protecting futures. Among the long list are helping her mother’s cleaning business, working as a certified nursing attendant, and time spent working in government administration. It was AIL-Altig, however, where she found her greatest career.

Recruited in April of 2015 through an online source, Lovins has been a powerful example of exemplary leadership and success. She was appointed to manager 10 months after joining, and within a year and four months of joining was appointed to lead the Memphis office as Regional General Agent (RGA). Through Lovins' hard work, integrity, and incredible work ethic, the Memphis office was recognized as a top workplace in 2016. In the same year, Lovins earned a spot on the Altig Board of Directors. Looking forward, Lovins hopes to continue both her professional growth as well as the growth of her organization through leadership by example and a devotion to protecting families. Her natural tendency to love and care for each person makes Lovins an integral part of the company.

While Lovins is most comfortable helping those around her, she credits the support and guidance of her mentors for getting here where she is today. Through these authentic relationships founded on trust and honesty within the company, Lovins quickly launched what was once her "back up plan" into a successful, lifelong career with AIL-Altig."I believed in it," Lovins says when asked how she knew AIL-Altig was the place for her. "I gave it 100%, and as soon as I did, everything in my life changed."

For Lovins, AIL-Altig is a place she calls home where she can do what she loves best— help people. "I love doing what I do. I love helping families. I love helping my community," she says. What is particularly impactful about AIL-Altig for Lovins is the support she receives from those around her, saying "I know I can pick up the phone and call any number of my supporters and they will pick up, they will help me right there on the spot. Where else do you get that in a company?"

Outside of work, Lovins enjoys spending time with her family. She has two sons who are her whole world. She is constantly empowering them to pursue their goals both on the rugby field and in their professional life.